What Contractors Need to Know About Vaccination Mandates and New “Safer Federal Workforce” Guidance

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Last month, President Biden issued executive orders mandating COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees and protocols for federal contractors. Now, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force has released its guidance defining the specific parameters of the vaccine mandate and other safety protocols for federal contractors and subcontractors.

In this webinar, join Centinel Consulting’s Joseph A. McManus and Core Triangle Consulting’s Rae Vann as they:

  • Review the much-anticipated federal guidance outlining the new COVID-19-related safety measures – including vaccination mandates – that contractors will be expected to implement as a condition of doing business with the government or work on government projects.
  • Preview what we might expect to see from OSHA in its as-yet-published COVID-19 guidance.
  • Answer your questions about, and provide practical tips and strategies for, maximizing compliance and minimizing government scrutiny of your COVID-19 safety protocols.

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